Circular Seas Project

Reducing the environmental impact on the oceans is the main goal of the Circular Seas Project – co-financed by the European Union – and in which the CDRSP is a partner.

So, the last summer months have been busy for some of our committed researchers. In a process that involved the separation, selection, washing and destruction of marine plastic, followed by transformation into granules, new green products (innovative and ecological) will emerge.

The purpose of this project is to contribute to the valorization of marine plastic waste, resulting from pollution on beaches and oceans, as well as from this sector’s industries, converting them into useful products (for example: fish boxes or thermoplastic molds for boats), using 3D printing.

It is also intended to encourage the community to collect plastics from the oceans, reduce the use of plastic base parts in the maritime industry and diversify economic activities associated with ‘green growth’.

It’s crucial to raise awareness and defend the blue of our oceans.