08:30h Registration
09:00h Opening Ceremony
Rita Cadima | Vice-President of IPLeiria
Nuno Alves | Director of CDRSP, IPLeiria
Geoffrey Mitchell | Vice-Director of CDRSP, IPLeiria
Session Chair: Nuno Alves
09:15h Direct Digital Manufacturing, An Overview
Artur Mateus
CDRSP, IPLeiria, Portugal
10:00h Polymers for Medical Applications
Geoffrey Mitchell1, Mahadevappa Kariduraganavar2
1CDRSP, IPLeiria, Portugal
2Karnatak University, Dharwad, Karnataka, India
10:45h Coffee-break
Session Chair: Geoffrey Mitchell
11:15h Regenerative Medicine of the Eye
Christina Kamma-Lorger
ALBA, Synchrotron Light Source, Barcelona, Spain
12:00 Direct Digital Manufacturing, a medical perspective
Malcolm Sperrin
Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, Reading, UK
12:45h Lunch and Poster Session
14:30h Ideas FORUM 1 – DDM applications in Surgery
Session Chair: Artur Mateus
Direct Digital Manufacturing in Cardiology
João Morais | Centro Hospitalar de Leiria
Designing ElectroCeuticals
Maria Guarino| CEDOC-NMS, Health Research Unit-IPLeiria
Role of bioengineering and regenerative medicine in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) intra-articular reconstruction
David Ângelo | Hospital Veterinário de Lisboa
Customization of Tracheobronchial Stents
Rui Rúben1,3 e Salvato Feijó2,3 | 1ESTM-IPLeiria, 2CHL, 3CDRSP-IPLeiria
15:15h Ideas FORUM 2 – DDM applications in Medicine/Imaging
Session Chair: Paula Faria
Embedded Syringe Pump
Geoffrey Mitchell | CDRSP-IPLeiria
Phantoms for Radiotherapy and ultrasound Imaging
Malcom Sperrin | Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, Reading, UK
Direct Digital Manufacturing applications in Anatomopathology
Ricardo Castro | Centro Hospitalar de Leiria
3D digital printing opportunities in Diabetes and related complications
Rogério Tavares Ribeiro | APDP, CEDOC, NMS
16:00h Coffee-break
16:30h Ideas Forum 3 – DDM applications in Health Sciences
Session Chair: Maria Guarino
3D Printing Increasing functionality: When Technology enhances the engineering of Assistive Products
Jaime Ribeiro | ESSLei-IPLeiria, CIDTFF-University of Aveiro
Binary Digits: from Flεſ to Metal
Sandra Amado | ESSLei-IPLeiria, CDRSP-IPLeiria
An “Enhanced Vision” of Movement Disorders
Ricardo Matias | Champalimaud Foundation, Ulisboa, IST-ULisboa
Patient Innovation – Sharing Solutions, Improving Lives
Salomé Azevedo | Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics
17:15h Ideas Recap and Discussion
17:45h Poster Prizes and Closing Ceremory