International Conference on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping


08.30 | Registration


09.00 | Opening Session | The past, the present, the future,… and beyond. Where will RegMed take us?


09.30 | Wanda Lattanzi | Somatic stem cells for regenerative applications:  the importance of knowing and understanding the “niche”


10.30 | Coffee Break


11.00 | Ana Colette Maurício | Cell-based therapies and tube-guide biomaterials for nerve regeneration


12.00 | Khoon Lim | Hydrogels as versatile platforms for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine


13.00 | Lunch


14.30 | Carlos Mota | Additive manufacturing wetspinning, a versatile technique for the manufacturing of tissue engineering scaffolds


15.00 | Frederico Ferreira | Ex-vivo cultivation of stem cells: biomaterial’s contribution


16.00 | Coffee Break


16.30 | coordinated by Filipe Silva | Workshop: Functional graded materials approaches for biomedical implants


17.30 | PhD Flash Talks (PhD students will have 7’ to present their projects, plus 3’ to get the feedback from the invited speakers)

João SilvaIntegrated approach combining mesenchymal stem cells, hierarchical scaffolds and bioreactors for cartilage repair

Marta CostaEngineering the microenvironment of Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (MSC) to tune their paracrine activity

David Ângelo | Role of bioengineering and regenerative medicine in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) intra-articular reconstruction

Ana Rita Santos | Animal models in neuromuscular regeneration – Can we replace them?