Biofab Toolbox (PTDC/EME-CRO/120585/2010)

The aim of this project is to develop a toolbox comprising routines for slicing and for toolpath generation from STL files.
 BioFab Toolbox flowchart

Bio-fabrication is an emerging technology, that will certainly be most important in the future. It’s applications will have great social and economical impact.

Biofab is a global name for a diverse range of technologies, having in common the use of rapid prototyping/rapid manufacturing for the production of grafts, implants, scaffolds or medical tools. RP/RM are in themselves recent fields.
BioFab poses new requirements, uses new equipments and fabrication techniques. Thus, it requires flexible and versatile tools. The main processing step is the conversion from STL to toolpaths. Although this is similar to other technologies (CAM), there are some differences, and so the existing software tools for CAM do not provide the necessary flexibility.