Vítor Ferreira

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Short Bio

Vítor Hugo Santos Ferreira, received his PhD in 2010 from the University of Lisbon (ISEG) in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, focusing on regional innovation and catching-up dynamics. He holds a master’s degree in Economics and Management of Science, Technology and Innovation from the University of Lisbon (ISEG) (2006) and has developed his Master’s thesis on the “Molds Sector in Portugal Vs China: Strategies, Competencies and Innovation”.

He is a professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria since 2002, where he teaches Advanced Strategy, Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation, Knowledge Management, Game Markets and Multimedia.

Since 2013 he is Executive Director of D.Dinis Business School, responsible for the management and strategy of this entity. He is responsible for scientific and educational courses in Entrepreneurship, Postgraduate in Innovation Management, General Management Program (in partnership with ISCTE), the Mini-MBA and the Management course for SMEs.

He has supervised more than 20 entrepreneurial projects and has directed 27 Master’s dissertations in the areas of Strategy, Innovation, International Business and Knowledge Management. He was responsible for the creation of the “entrepreneurial engineering” award. He is a trainer in the area of ​​entrepreneurship in programs linked to Poliempreende. Between 2012 and 2014 he was Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Management Control and has been a member of the IPLeiria International Business Master’s scientific committee since 2014. Over the years he has collaborated with some European business schools in Finland, the Netherlands, Hungary and France and is a visiting professor the University of Feevale and the Coimbra Business School. He has worked as a consultant in projects of entrepreneurship and innovation for many companies business associations (Nerlei, Aciso, Airo), where he also worked as a trainer for entrepreneurs and executives.

He was co-responsible for several important studies, such as “Comparison of the Portuguese and Chinese mold industry”, “Assessment of education needs in the Region of Leria”, “Evaluation of a hydrogen-based industry in South Africa” ​​and ” Region of Pinhal Interior as System of innovation “. He is the author of many published scientific papers, Chair of GBATA (Global Business and Technology Association) and European Conference on Knowledege Management and reviewer in many conferences and different magazines.

He was the founding partner of the start-up Look an Go.Since 2013 he has developed extensive work in Supporting the business sector, studying entrepreneurship phenomena and carrying out higher education / industry investment projects (QREN, P2020, Framework Program).

He is a researcher and member of the scientific council of the Rapid and Sustainable Product Development Center (CDRsp), IPLeiria research unit. He is a guest chronicler of “Jornal de Leiria” and the magazine “o Molde”. He is a founding partner of the Eurafitar Innovation Association. He has been a guest speaker at more than 20 events in the last 3 years and organizer of several national and international conferences.

He is also one of the Founder of StartupLeiria.

Recent Publications

  • Vitor Ferreira and Ana Lisboa (2018). Innovation and Entrepreneurship: from Schumpeter to Industry 4.0, Applied Mechanics and Materials (accepted)
  • Ferreira, V., Cardoso, R. (2014), “The Relation between Quality Management and Innovation Performance in the Textile Sector in Portugal”, JGBAT, Volume X, Number 2, fall 2014
  • Ferreira, V., Perrot, R., M., “Emergence of New Industries: Industry and Knowledge Factors”, in “Use and Displacement of Strategic Minerals: South Africa, PGM and Fuel Cell and other related Technologies”, Ed. Mistra, 2013
  • Ferreira, V., Godinho, M., "The Determinants Of Innovation: A Patent- And Trademark-Based Analysis For The Eu Regions", Dynamics of Knowledge-Intensive Entrepreneurship, Ed. M., Rotledge, 2015 (9781138025288)
  • Ferreira, V., Perrot, R., M., “Emergence of New Industries: Industry and Knowledge Factors”, in “Use and Displacement of Strategic Minerals: South Africa, PGM and Fuel Cell and other related Technologies”, Ed. Mistra, 2013.


  • Project manager - 2018-1-PT01-KA203-047330
  • Team Member - projeto G.INNO – Global Innovation Trends, FCT
  • Team Member for CDRSp/IPLeiria - project ADDISPACE– reference number - SOE1/P1/F0011, Interreg Sudoe
  • Team member for IPLeiria – project rethink, reference number 544178-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-PT-TEMPUS-JPCR
  • Team member for IPLeiria – project DEPOCEI, reference number 530730-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPHES