Sara Biscaia


Short Bio

Sara Biscaia has Biomechanics and a M.Sc. Degree in Engineering Design and Product Development, both completed in the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.

She is research fellow at the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development since March 2009.

Her research interests are mainly in the field of biofabrication techniques for medical applications, materials characterisation, biomaterials and Tissue engineering.

She is also a laboratory technician of the Biofabrication Lab at the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development.

Recent Publications

  • Pedro Morouço, Sara Biscaia, Tânia Viana, Margarida Franco, Cândida Malça, Artur Mateus, Carla Moura, Frederico C. Ferreira, Geoffrey R. Mitchell and Nuno Alves (2016). Fabrication of Poly (ε -caprolactone) Scaffolds Reinforced with Cellulose Nanofibers, with and without the Addition of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles. BioMed Research International 2016(8) DOI10.1155/2016/1596157.
  • Franco M., Biscaia S., Viana T., Alves N., Morouço P., “ Controlled in Vitro Release of Levodopa from Sodium Alginate Membranes”, International Journal of Drug Delivery Technology, Volume 6(4), pp. 116-122, 2016.
  • Tojeira, A.O., Biscaia, S.S., Viana, T.Q., Sousa, I.S., Mitchell, G.R. – “Controlling morphology in 3D Printing”, Chapter: Controlling the Morphology of Polymers - Multiple Scales of Structure and Processing, Edited by G.R. Mitchell & A.O. Tojeira, Springer Science+Business Media, 2016 (ISBN: 978-972-8793-67-8 (print) e 978-972-8793-68-5 (online)).
  • Biscaia S., Dabrowska E., Tojeira A., Horta J. , Carreira P., Morouço P., Mateus A., Alves N. – “Development of heterogeneous structures with Polycaprolactone-Alginate using a new 3D printing system - BioMEDbeta: design and processing”, Procedia Manufacturing, vol 12, pp. 113-119, 2017.
  • Brites F., Malça C., Gaspar F., Franco M., Fonseca A. R., Biscaia S., Mateus A. – “Cork Plastic Composite Optimization for 3D Printing Applications”, Procedia Manufacturing, vol 12, pp. 156-165, 2017.


  • insitu.Biomas - Reinvent biomanufacturing systems by using an usability approach for insitu clinic temporary implants fabrication. Role: team member.
  • 2bio4cartilage. Integrated intervention program for prevention and treatment of cartilage lesions. Role: team member.
  • 4Additive -Implementation of Advanced, Portuguese Additive Manufacturing Systems on Portuguese industry: systems, tools, software and training. Research Member. Role: Research Member
  • FromNATURE: bio-active composites from nature. Role: team member.
  • Print-on-organs: Engineering Bioinks and Processes for Direct Printing on Organs. Role: team member.