Saba Oliveira da Silva


Short Bio

Saba Abdulghani Oliveira da Silva, is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development at the Polytechnic Institute Leiria (IPL). Saba carried out her Bachelor of Engineering degree (B.Eng) and Doctorate degree (PhD) at the Materials Department of Queen Mary University of London in Biomaterials under the supervision of Professor K.E. Tanner. Following her PhD, Saba was awarded a Marie Curie Intra-European Post-Doctoral Fellowship to work on the Biomechanics of cemented hip prostheses at the Biomaterials and Biomechanics Laboratory, Lund University Hospital, Sweden under the supervision of Professor Lars Lidgren. Following her Marie-Currie, Saba returned to the UK to work as a research officer at the Centre for Orthopaedic Biomechanics at the University of Bath where she worked on developing the injectability of cement during the Vertebroplasty procedure. In 2008, Saba moved to Portugal to work at the Rheumatology research unit of the Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM) on the mechanical properties of osteoporotic bone, for which she won a research award from the European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS/ Servier International Award 2010). Saba´s research experience covers orthopaedic biomaterials and biomechanics as well as the mechanics of healthy and diseased bone. She has her work published in international journals and has presented her work at prominent international conferences all over the world and is a reviewer for a number of Peer-reviewed International journals. Her current research interests are biomaterials for 3D/4D biofabrication in relation to bone tissue regeneration as well as bone nanostructural properties. To date Saba has supervised 2 master students (biomedical engineering course) at Lund University, two master students at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon (biomedical Engineering course), one master student on the biomedical engineering course at the University of Coimbra, a member of a doctoral committee at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon (defence date: November 2018). Recently, Saba has been invited as a keynote speaker at the 19th World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering in Barcelona (May 2018), invited speaker at the 7th National Meeting of Portuguese Users of Synchrotron Radiation – ENURS, Lisbon (June 2018) and invited speaker at the CFTC-IBEB Initiative: Soft Matter in Biomedicine (October, 2018), University of Lisbon. Saba has also recently been awarded a beamtime at the ALBA Synchrotron facility in Barcelona (to be carried out in the first quarter of 2019). Saba has successfully set up an academic collaboration with the School of Engineering and Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London to work on a joint project in relation to bone tissue regeneration.

Recent Publications

  • Saba Abdulghani* and Pedro Morouço. Biofabrication for osteochondral tissue regeneration: bioink printability requirements. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine (special issue on Bioinks for Biofabrication), 2018. (In press).
  • B. Vidal, A. Pinto, M.J. Galvão, A.R. Santos, A. Rodrigues, R. Cascão, S. Abdulghani, J. Caetano-Lopes, A. Ferreira, J.E. Fonseca, H. Canhao. Bone histomorphometry revisited. Acta Reumatol Port. 37(4):294-300, 2012.
  • M. Ørskov, S. Abdulghani, I. McCarthy, K. Søballe, and G. Flivik. Comparison of flanged and unflanged acetabular cup design. An experimental study using ceramic and cadaveric acetabuli. Acta Orthopaedica 81(5):556-62, 2010.
  • J. Caetano-Lopes, A.M. Nery, H. Canhão, J. Duarte, R. Cascão, A. Rodrigues, I.P. Perpétuo, S. Abdulghani, P.M. Amaral, S. Sakaguchi, Y.T. Konttinen, L. Graça, M. Vaz, J.E. Fonseca. Chronic arthritis leads to disturbances in the bone collagen network. Arthritis Research & Therapy 12:R9, 2010.
  • J. Caetano-Lopes, A.M.Nery, S. Abdulghani et al. Chronic arthritis directly induces quantitative and qualitative bone disturbances leading to compromised biomechanical properties. Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology: Journal of Rheumatology 27 (3): 475-482, 2009.


  • Exploiting Infra-Red Spectroscopy at ALBA to understand bone microstructure and to enable the next generation of scaffolds for bone tissue generation. ALBA Synchrotron- Barcelona, 2019. Role: Principal Investigator.
  • fromNature- projetos DE i&D, Portugal 2020. The project fromNATURE aims to develop composites of natural origin, for applications in the area of health, namely Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (duration: 2 years, € 475,910). Role: Investigator.
  • PAMI - PORTUGUESE ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING INITIATIVE (ROTEIRO/0328/2013; Nº 022158), a Research Infrastruture of the National Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance for 2014-2020, co-funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and European Union through the Centro2020. Role: Investigator.
  • Image a better future (Medical Phantoms) is a core strategic CDRSP project. This is an international collaboration between the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development of the Institute Polytechnic of Leiria and the Churchill Hospital, part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to develop a new generation of realistic multi- modal phantoms for medical imaging using direct digital manufacturing technologies. Role: Investigator (team member)
  • European Calcified Tissue Society (ECTS in association with Servier International) 2010 research award, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, Faculdade de Medicina, University of Lisbon. Project title: Structural and mechanical evaluation of the mineral and organic phases in osteoporotic bone using an animal model of osteoporosis. Project duration: 2 years. Role: Principal Investigator.