João Pinheiro


Short Bio

João Pinheiro is a research member of CDRSP-IPL since December 2017. He completed his Integrated Master Degree in physics engineering in 2017 at University of Aveiro. He is currently working on XRD techniques to study the morphology of polymers under different conditions, with applications on 3d-printing and the packaging industry and the injection molding industry. He  is currently using time-resolving small-angle and wide-angle xray scattering at the NCD-SWEET beamline of the ALBA Synchrotron light facility in Barcelona Spain to study the development of structure and morphology of semi-crystalline polymers using a novel 3d printer design and developed at CDRSP.

Recent Publications

  • Dora Sousa, João Pinheiro, Christina S. Kamma-Lorger, Nelson Ferreira, Tânia Viana, Saba Abdulghani, Paula Pascoal-Faria, Artur Mateus, Geoffrey Mitchell Manufacturing Polymer Based Objects with Functional Gradients through Morphology International Conference on Polymers and Moulds Innovations PMI2018, University of Minho, September 2018.


  • UC4EP Understanding Crystallisation for enhanced properties Funded by FCT 2016 . Role: team member.