Diogo Figueiredo

  • diogo.f.figueiredo@ipleiria.pt

Short Bio

Diogo Figueiredo is presently a researcher in the scope of a FCT fellowship hosted by IPL-CDRSP entity. Since 2015, he is involved in small projects and also provides services (eg Millenium Group at the headquarters Taguspark, among others).


After completing his graduation in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon (2010, Master’s degree), he started his professional experience in 2011 with 24 years in Galp Energia Company, acquiring competence in analysis and project management. In 2012 he got a professional experience in information system unit of the Ministry of Finance, as Consultant.

Passionately curious to know about new people and cultures, always bear in mind that it would be important during his initial professional experience soak a different and more global experience, in 2013 he also had an international experience in São Paulo – Brazil by the Business Development Agency, where he lived until 2014.

In addition to his interest in research, his goal is to building seriously a professional career in a corporation with a very strong culture of shared values (ideally international) and that allows to combine in a unique atmosphere a sense of engagement in the achivement of the superior communs goals.

Recent Publications


  • MATIS - MATERIALS AND SUSTAINABLE INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES (CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-000014 - 3362), a research project of the integrated programmes for scientific research and technological development, funded by the European Union through the PT2020 and Centro2020. Role: Research Fellow.