Daniel Silva

  • daniel.p.silva@ipleiria.pt

Short Bio

Daniel Silva is a research grant holder of the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (CDRsp – IPLeiria). He completed an Integrated Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra in 2015 on the field of Production and Mechanical Project. He had a first experience in the industry by collaborating in the production planning department of a mould making company and later another challenge on aeronautical maintenance planning. His main research areas of interest are Digital Manufacturing and Material Characterization.



Silva D.; iDTool – Identification of Cutting Tools with RFID tags for smart tool management. 2nd edition of Materializa – program for projects and ideas support to startup creation, (awarded a first prize supported by IPLeiria, Incubadora OPEN and Portugal Ventures).



Silva, D.; Silva, R.; Mateus, A.; Silva, C.; Carreira, P.; “An integrated hybrid system to ensure the authenticity of injection moulded products”; Poster session at ICDDMAP 2019: International Conference of Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers; 20 to 23 February 2019; Karnatak – Dharwad, India.


Silva, Daniel P. da; Pinheiro, João; Kamma-Lorger, Christina S; Solano, Eduardo; Carlos, Juan; Abdulghani, Saba; Pascoal-Faria, Paula and Mitchell, Geoffrey“, Experimental setup and equipment modelling for in-situ morphology saxs/waxs measurements of electrospun polymer fibres on the NCD-SWEET Beamline at the ALBA Synchrotron Light Source”; Poster session at VIII ENURS: Meeting of Portuguese Synchrotron Radiation Users; June 28, 2019; Karnatak – Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto, Portugal.

Recent Publications

  • Rosa M, Amado S, Pascoal-Faria P, Morouço P, Batista R, Silva D |“Dispositivo de controlo de punho para treino e reabilitação funcional” (Patent submitted 2018)