Extruder LSAM

Extruder for robot with high torque and a max. temperature operation up to 450º,
handling any polymer in the market. It is possible to have a continuous and automatic feeding of the extruder with different nozzle options, allowing the creation of different geometries.

Project: add.Aditive

Consortium: ADIRA, S.A. | GLNPLAST, S.A. | GLNMOLDS, S.A. | Lena Agregados,S.A. | Porcelanas da Costa Verde, S.A. | DURIT, Lda. | Periplast, Lda. | AMcubed, Lda. | Plastimago, Lda. | Biosafe, SA | WeADD, Lda. | 3DTECH, Lda. | TJ Moldes, S.A. | OMNIDEA, Lda. | ALMADESIGN,Lda. | IPL | UM | CENTIMFE | UA | CEiiA | INEGI | UC | CATIM