Bloom Bench

This object made in concrete was produced for the project add.Aditive. This allows the creation of complex geometries and larger scale objects that could only be made using Direct Digital Manufacturing. The aim of this object was to create sustainable outdoor furniture that could also integrate vegetable decorations. The cement is deposited by a robot that is programmed to make the desired shapes.

Laboratory: PrintBig Lab

Equipment: Robot YASKAWA + extruder

Material: Cement

Project: add.Aditive

Consortium: ADIRA, S.A. | GLNPLAST, S.A. | GLNMOLDS, S.A. | Lena Agregados,S.A. | Porcelanas da Costa Verde, S.A. | DURIT, Lda. | Periplast, Lda. | AMcubed, Lda. | Plastimago, Lda. | Biosafe, SA | WeADD, Lda. | 3DTECH, Lda. | TJ Moldes, S.A. | OMNIDEA, Lda. | ALMADESIGN,Lda. | IPL | UM | CENTIMFE | UA | CEiiA | INEGI | UC | CATIM