"Ferris Wheel"

The “ferris wheel” is realized by 3D printed components, rubber band elastics constituting the spokes of the wheel and a light bulb. The ferris wheel equipment demonstrates that cross-linked rubber contracts when heated. No other source of energy, except the light bulb, is needed to move the wheel. The light does not change the dimensions of the wheel or its support. At rest the wheel is balanced about the centre. When light is turn on and directed towards a rubber spoke, it contracts and, as a consequence, the rotation axis is shifted to oneside and the wheel rotates to balance the mass distribution. The light bulb will successively heat the following rubber spoke, allowing the wheel to continue its rotation.

Laboratory: Direct Digital Manufacturing Composite Polimers Lab

Equipment: Flashforge Inventor, Flashforge Creator 3, Flashforge Guider II

Material: PLA, ABS, PETG, PP, rubber elastic bands, hooks and light bulb

Project: Internal Dissemination Project