Samples for Mechanical Tests

The material is processed by resorting to an extruder and a grinder, this allows to obtain a material consisting of a polymer plus tire granules to feed an injection machine. It is then dryed to eliminate any humidity that might interfere with the injection process. The moulding cavity produces test specimens for tensile strenght, bending, compression and abrasion. These are injected within various tire/polymer compositions to analyse the maximum tire load without compromising the composite mechanical properties.

Laboratory: Manufacturing Technology Lab

Equipment: Extruder WERNER & PFLEIDERER ZSK 25 + Injector NRT-130D

Material: PP/TPE/TPU/PE + Micronized recycled tire (RP)

Project: Project TT2V

Consortium: Inapal-Plásticos, S.A. | Plastimago | Sotkon Portugal-Sistemas de Resíduos, S.A. | CDRSP