Rocket Nozzle

This case study was produced for the project addispace. This component for the aerospace industry was made by additive manufacturing. This kind of aplications allows the fabrication of parts with diferent geometries reducing time and costs of production in the industry.

Laboratory: Direct Digital Manufacturing Metals Lab

Equipment: EOS EOSint-M280

Material: stainless steel AM corrax

Project: addispace

Partners: ESTIA (France) | LORTEK (Spain) | FADA-CATEC (Spain) | AFM (Spain) | IPLeiria (Portugal) | PEMAS (Portugal) | AV (France) | MICRONORMA (Portugal) | GNC Laser (Spain). 

Associated Partners: ADIRA | CIFP Don Bosco LHII | Fundación Hélice | CENTIMFE | EADS CASA Espacio SL | Iberomoldes, A.C.E. | HEGAN