Printing Organs Technology Demonstrator

The use of robotic technology has had an increasing impact in the field of medicine. Allied to this, the use of additive manufacturing (commonly known as 3D printing) to produce biological substitutes is responding to the increase of new realities. PrintOnOrgans project comprises the development of a robot for the in situ direct printing of biomaterials in damaged tissues and/or organs in a customized and minimally invasive way. This project includes not only the development of the referred robot, but also the implementation of a novel surgical procedure. This will promote a better mimicry of the characteristics and properties of the native tissue and/or organ.

Laboratory: Biofabrication Lab

Project: PrintOnOrgans

Consortium: Biosckin, Molecular and Cell Therapies, S.A. (coord.) | CDRSP-IPLeiria | AMCubed | ICBAS-Uporto | UCoimbra.