PCL Scaffolds for Bone Implants

Example of intricate geometries that can be made for scaffolds
PCL and Graphene
PCL and HA

This scaffolds are implantable structures that are used in the treatment of bone injuries. Using AM technologies it is possible to achieve high reproducibility and complex geometry, size and interconnected pores, increasing the vascularisation and mass transport of oxygen and nutrients throughout the scaffold.
PCL is one of the most common polyesters used in medical applications. Its good solubility, low melting point (59– 64∘ C), and exceptional blend-compatibility allow several research. These samples are some examples of composites that were experimented for the project. HA is the main component of the bone structure, and due to their similarity, it presents a good potential for bone regeneration. The mixture of PCL and Graphene provides property enhancements, such as mechanical and conductivity, that could not be achieved using virgin polymers or conventional composites.

Laboratory: Biofabrication Lab

Equipment: Bio-extruder

Material: PCL, HA and Graphene

Project: Demo model