Yesterday the ICDDMAP 2021 Opening Ceremony took place at Resinagem Building in Marinha Grande.

As part of our policy of transferring knowledge from Academia to Society, an exhibition will take place at in Marinha Grande held with the support of the City Council and where visitors will be presented with the wide range of products and devices that can be produced by Direct Digital Manufacturing from raw materials based on polymers, metals, ceramics and cement. It will be possible to access this exhibition in virtual or in-person mode, observing in this last register, all the current security measures. It is a free event aimed at the general public and the region’s business community in particular.


The programme of the Opening Ceremony began at 1900 hrs on Wednesday 19th May 2021 in the courtyard of the Resinagem Building in Marinha Grande and had the following timetable:

19h00 – Welcome and Opening of the Direct Digital Manufacturing Exhibition by the Mayor of Marinha Grande Cidália Ferreira

19h10 – President of PLeiria, Professor Rui Pedrosa

19h20 – Director of CDRSP, Professor Nuno Alves

19h30 – Overview of the exhibition Liliana Gouveia and Design Team

19h45 – President of APIP, Eng Amaro Reis

19h55 – President of Cefamol, Eng João Faustino

20h05 – President of APICER, Eng. José Sequeira

20h15 – Refreshments and Tour of Exhibition, organised according to the rules of social distancing in place at the time

21h00 – Close