All papers presented at ICDDMAP 2021 whether keynote lecture, lecture or poster will be invited to submit a full text manuscript to be published in Advanced Materials Research published by Trans Tech Publications Ltd in Switzerland with no charge to the authors. All papers will be available at website and all authors will be able to access a pdf of their paper to facilitate open access.

All papers will be rigorously reviewed following the Conference and Publications Ethic guidelines.

General Template
We are pleased to announce that the following Editors for this special issue have accepted our invitation to serve as Editor:

Chair of Editors
Professor Geoffrey R MitchellMaterials and ImagingCDRSP-IPLeiria, Marinha Grande, Portugal
Professor Nuno AlvesDirect Digital ManufacturingCDRSP-IPLeiria, ESTG-IPLeiria, Portugal
Professor Sandra AmadoApplications of Direct Digital Manufacturing for MedicineCDRSP-IPLeiria, ESSLei-IPLeiria, Portugal
Professor Paula Pascoal-FariaMathematics in IndustryCDRSP-IPLeiria, ESTG-IPLeiria, Portugal
Professor Maria GilFood printing and food packagingMARE-IPLeiria, ESTM-IPLeiria, Portugal
Professor Mahadevappa KariduraganavarChemistry and MaterialsChemistry University of Karnatak, India
Professor Artur MateusIndustryCDRSP-IPLeiria, ESTG-IPLeiria, Portugal
Professor Sandrina MilhanoDigital Transformation in Higher EducationESECS-IPLeiria, Portugal
Professor Carlos NevesRobotic Direct Digital ManufacturingESTG-IPLeiria, Portugal
Professor João MateusDigital Prototyping; Design Process and Sustainable ProductCDRSP-IPLeiria; ESAD-IPLeiria, Portugal
Professor A.B.VedamurthyChemical Engineering and BiotechnologyDepartment of Biotechnology, Microbiology Karnatak University India