ICDDMAP is over and it was great success.

From all the feedback we have received the conference was a great success. We had close to 550 registered participants, we estimate that 380 of these attended the conference. There was an excellent international flavor to the conference with Plenary and Keynote lectures coming from many different countries including the USA, Singapore, Germany, France, Switzerland, Holland, UK, Israel and more as well as Portugal and India. 64% of the registrations were from outside Portugal.

We listened to 2 Plenary Lectures, 16 Keynote Lectures and 32 contributed lectures, 15 Posters and 3 commercial lectures, in a total of 10 Half Day sessions giving a total of 68 presentations.
All authors are invited to submit a manuscript to a special issue of Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processes” with a 40% discount on the Article Processing Charge. See JMMP | Special Issue : Developments in Direct Digital Manufacturing (mdpi.com) Please use the template available from JMMP and submit via the JMMP website. Submissions can be made now and by 30 September 2021. I hope you will be able to submit a ms for this special issue.

The standard of the lectures and the discussion was outstanding. In each session, the participants were asked to vote for the best presentation of that session. The winners were:

Session A Marco Domingos “Bioprinting strategies for Regenerative Medicine and disease modelling applications;
Session B Mahadevappa Kariduraganavar “Hybrid Membranes are the Novel Materials for pervaporation”
Session C Joao Menses “ Bioreactor Design Challengs and Opportunities Combining Direct Digital Manufacturing and numerical models”
Session D Barbara Lamolinara “ Economic, environmental and social indicators in cork industry – a case study”
Session E not eligible
Session F Carolina Ferreira “Electrospun Meshes loaded with Seaweed Phlorotannins bioactive Extract for Wound Healing”
Session G Sachin Nagesh Hegde “ Enhancement of fuel cell performance of poly(arylene ether ketone) membrane using polystyrene sulphonic acids co maleic acid and sulfothalic acid”
Session J “Carolina Ferreira “C.Orthopedics – Moulding Composites for Orthopedic Applications”
Session K “Sanjeeva Murthy “Fabricationof Hybrid and Hierarchical Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering by 3D Printing, Airbrushing and Electrospinning”
Session L “Geoffrey Mitchell ”Changing the Paradigm -Direct Digital Manufacturing of Polymers”
The overall winner of best presentation will be announced later in June 2021.
The International Manufacturing Forum Series continues with a session on 2nd June 2021 on “5G and Digital Manufacturing”
The 5th Edition of the International Conference on direct digital Manufacturing and Polymers” will be held in Dharwad in India in 2023.
In 2022 we will be holding the next edition of the Research in Sustainable and Intelligent Manufacturing will be held on-line.
Lets hope that the pandemic situation has greatly improved in 2023 and we will all be able to meet in Dharwad.