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Resinagem building, Marinha Grande

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DDM and polymers

We are pleased to bring to your attention that the 4th Edition of the International Conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers (ICDDMAP 2021) will be held virtually from 20th to 22nd May 2021. As part of our policy to connect with the wider society, we will hold an exhibition in the Resinagem Building of Marinha Grande with the support of the Muncipality, to showcase the range of products that can be prepared using Direct Digital Manufacturing from polymers, metals and ceramics. In this approach, we are delighted to invite you to be present at the Opening Ceremony starting at 19.00h next Wednesday 19th May 2021 in the courtyard of the Resinagem Building in Marinha Grande.


Resinagem Building, Marinha Grande

ICDDMAP 2021 Opening Ceremony took place at Resinagem Building in Marinha Grande.