Oral presentations cannot exceed 15 minutes (plus 5 minutes for Q&A’s). Please be advised that presentations exceeding the limit may be cut off by the moderators in the interest of time.

POSTER SESSIONS are an important and integral part of the ICDDMAP 2021 conference, allowing many more authors the opportunity to share their research and ideas with others. Therefore, we recommend you take a few minutes to read the following guidelines:

Before preparing your poster:

1) In order to fit the poster board, we recommend a A0 size (metric: 841 mm width x 1189 mm height / inches: 33.1 in width x 46.8 in height) poster. Orientation of your poster must be in portrait style.

2) There are not constraints for the content , but we suggest a font size of:

  • 85pt for the title;
  • 36pt – 44pt for the headers;
  • and 24pt – 34pt for the body text.

3) Fonts that are easy on the eyes are:

  • Times New Roman;
  • Arial;
  • Helvetica;
  • Garamond.

4) The Authors and their Institution should be identified on each poster.

5) Please note Conference Organisers will not be able to provide poster printing services. Such facilities are available in Marinha Grande.