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green Thermosets – Nanocomposites of Rosin/Maghnite










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This  project  is  focused on  the  development  of  new  green  nano  composites  which  exploit  two  underused sustainable  natural  resources  in  Algeria  and  Portugal,  namely  clay  and  rosin  from  pine  trees.  It  is significant that the process of extracting rosin from pine tree is a particular green process, involving onlya natural product (pine resin) and producing no waste (the outputs of turpentine and water are re-used in the extraction process). The objectives  of this collaborative  programme are to build on the expertise and experience  of  the  partners  in  the  project  to  develop  a  truly  green  approach to  new  nanocomposites.  The project  will  involve  all  aspects  of  the  process  in  transforming  the  extracted  rosin  in  to  a  high  value thermosetting   resin   and   the   exploitation   of   realistic   applications   for   this   new   material   and   the manufacturing  processes  to  be  used  in  the  preparation  of  those  products.  It has  been  widely  established that  the  dispersion  of  montmorillonite  type  clay  in  polymeric  matrices  leads  to  considerable  property enhancement  including  mechanical  properties  such  as  strength,  modulus  and  dimensional  stability, decreased   permeability   to   gases,   water   and   hydrocarbons, thermal   stability   and   heat   distortion temperature, flame retardancy and reduced smoke emissions and chemical resistance. Much of this work has  focused  on  synthetic  polymers  which rarely  offer  the  chemical  configuration  or  chemical  properties which  leads  to  effective  exfoliation  and  hence  limits  the property  gains  exhibited.  In  contrast  rosins contain a number  of  components  as  the availability  of  carboxylic  acid  groups  offers  a highly  attractive environment for exfoliation.







PI: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Robert Mitchell



Partners: Université d’Oran, Algeria



Funding Agency: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia








Project Reference: PT-DZ/0001/2015




Funding: 83.520,00€