Green Thermosets-Visits to Portugal and to Algeria

green Thermosets – Nanocomposites of Rosin/Maghnite









Visits Portugal &




Visits to Portugal and to Algeria


Visit 1 Students from University of Oran 1

January to April 2017

Anis Zaoui

Zakaraia Cherfi


Visit 2 Students from University of Oran 1

January to April 2018

Hodhafia Derdar

Sara Haouve


Visit 3 Staff from the University of Oran 1

Dr Amine Harrane and Professor Rachid Meghabar


Visit 4 Staff from CDRSP Polytechnic of Leiria

Professor Geoffrey Mitchell

Professor Artur Mateus

Professor Nuno Alves was scheduled to go but had to cancel at the last momebt due to problem of via application

The attended a Ecole Thematique which as focused on Nanocomposites iand with Bilateral projects involving Algeria and Portugalm presentations were made by Artur Mateus and Geoffrey Mitchell


Staff from University of Oran were invited to visit Portugal to visit CDRSP and relevant conferences

However funding was not available



Green thermosets Portugal-Algeria Collaboration


Visit of Dr Amine Harrane and Professor Rachid Meghabar of the Université d’Oran 1 in Algeria to CDRSP on 19th March 2018




0915  Pickup Psoudinha  IPL  1000 Meeting at CDRSP in Meeting Room      Professor Rui Pedrosa – Vice-President of IPL 

Professor Florindo Gaspar – Head of Materials Group CDRSP 

Dr Vidhura Mahendra 

Dr Dora Sousa


1100 Tour of CDRSP Laboratories


1230 Lunch at Hotel Cristal Marinha Grande  

Dr Amine Harrane

Professor Rachid Meghabar

Dr Vidhura Mahendra

Dr Dora Sousa



1400 Discussions on Green Thermosets Project    

Review of work completed 

Next steps 

Visit to Algeria


1600 Return to Psoudinha