The Vice-Director of CDRSP, Professor Mitchell, has been invited to the major International Conference ELECTROSTATICS 2019 in Manchester, UK

The Vice-Director of CDRSP, Professor Mitchell has been invited to the major international conference Electrostatics 2019, to be held in Manchester, UK  to present the prestigious Bill Bright Memorial Lecture with the title “Electrospinning: Principles, Practice and Possibilities”. Professor Mitchell is an expert in the field of electrospinning and in 2015 the Royal Society of Chemistry published a book edited by Professor Mitchell titled titled “Electrospinning: Principles, Practice and Possibilities”.  Electrospinning allows nanoscale and microscale fibres to be prepared from polymer solutions and polymer melts with many applications in filtration, membranes, energy recovery and medical applications including drug delivery. It is widely employed in CDRsp in the field of scaffolds for Tissue Engineering.


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