Seminar | 20 September, 12h00 | Project coolGRAFENO – graphene as solution for micro mold rapid cooling: constructal optimization | CDRSP-IPLEIRIA

The mold cooling is one of the most important phases in the molding cycle, comprising more than half of the total cycle time. This affects the final quality of the part and the production rate of the mold. Therefore, the design of a mold cooling channel system is essential to improve its thermal management and achieve a better control over the cycle time. The hardening of small thin wall plastic parts with complex geometries is one of the most challenging problems in the plastics injection industry, since we need to ensure quality, distortion-free plastic parts. The solution lies in optimizing the cooling system, changing materials and developing unconventional geometries compatible with the geometry of the part.

Miguel Clemente, Researcher CDRSP-IPLeiria