Tânia Viana

  • tania.viana@ipleiria.pt

Short Bio

Tânia Viana is a researcher member in the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development (CDRSP) since May, 2009. She has a Graduate Degree in Biomechanics (2008) and a Master Degree in Engineering Design and Product Development (2011), both completed in the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.
Her main research interests focuses on Tissue Engineering, Biomaterials and Biofabrication. Currently, she is a laboratory technician of the Biofabrication Lab at the CDRSP.

Recent Publications

  • Viana, T., Biscaia, S., Dabrowska, E., Franco, M., Carreira, P., Morouço, P., Alves, N. – “A novel biomanufacturing system to produce multi-material scaffolds for tissue engineering: Concept and preliminary results”, Applied Mechanics Materials (submitted).
  • Francisco, L., Moura, C., Viana, T., Ângelo, D., Morouço, P., Alves, N. – “Poly(ε-caprolactone) and polyethylene glycol diacrylate-based scaffolds for TMJ Bioengineered disc implants”, International Conference on Sustainable and Intelligent Manufacturing, RESIM 2016, 14-17 December 2016, Leiria, Portugal, Procedia Manufacturing 12, 291–297, 2017.
  • Ângelo, D., Morouço, P., Alves, N., Viana, T., Santos, F., Peletério, C., Monje, F., Macias, D., Salvado, F., “Choosing sheep as animal model for temporomandibular joint research: morphological, histological and biomechanical characterization of the joint disc”, Morphologie, 100(331), pp.223-233, 2016.
  • Pedro Morouço, Sara Biscaia, Tânia Viana, Margarida Franco, Cândida Malça, Artur Mateus, Carla Moura, Frederico C. Ferreira, Geoffrey R. Mitchell and Nuno Alves (2016). Fabrication of Poly (ε -caprolactone) Scaffolds Reinforced with Cellulose Nanofibers, with and without the Addition of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles. BioMed Research International 2016(8) DOI10.1155/2016/1596157.
  • Tojeira, A.O., Biscaia, S.S., Viana, T.Q., Sousa, I.S., Mitchell, G.R. – “Controlling morphology in 3D Printing”, Controlling the Morphology of Polymers - Multiple Scales of Structure and Processing, Edited by G.R. Mitchell & A.O. Tojeira, Springer Science+Business Media, 2016 (ISBN: 978-972-8793-67-8 (print) e 978-972-8793-68-5 (online)).


  • BIOMATE - A NOVEL BIO-MANUFACTURING SYSTEM TO PRODUCE BIOACTIVE SCAFFOLDS FOR TISSUE ENGINEERING (PTDC/EMS-SIS/7032/2014), funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and European Union through the Centro2020 and Norte2020. Role: Research member.
  • HYDROZONES – BIOACTIVATED HIERARCHICAL HYDROGELS AS ZONAL IMPLANTS FOR ARTICULAR REGENERATION (Project ID: 309962), funded by the European Commission under: FP7-NMP (http://www.hydrozones.eu/). Role: Research Member.
  • IREBID – INTERNACIONAL RESEARCH EXCHANGE FOR BIOMEDICAL DEVICES DESIGN AND PROTOTYPING, funded by the People Marie Curie Actions, International Research Staff Exchange Scheme.
  • NewMolotofConcept – New Concept of Molotof prepared with fruit without added sugar (co-promoção n.º 30226).
  • TOOLING EDGE - HIGH PERFORMANCE SUSTAINABLE MANUFACTURING, funded by the Portuguese Agency for Innovation.