International Conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers | ICDDMAP 2019

International Conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers | ICDDMAP 2019 International Conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers | ICDDMAP 2019



Geoffrey Mitchell [Vice-Director]

  • Vice-Director

Short Bio

Geoffrey Mitchell is a Vice-Director of the Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development, a Coordinator Investigator at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria and Emeritus Professor at the University of Reading UK. He is the Director of the Masters Course in Direct Digital Manufacturing at the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.

 He is/was supervisor/co-supervisor of fifty PhD and forty MSc Students.

Geoffrey Mitchell received a first degree in Metallurgy from the City of London Polytechnic, an MSc in Physical Research Technigues and a PhD degree in Polymer Physics from the CNNA/Uninversity of Cambridge.

He has authored and edited fifteen books, authored and co-authored forty-two Book Chapters and over three hundred papers published in international journals, international conferences and six patents. My ´H´index is 37 see E. Hirsch Proc Nat Acad Sci 102 (46): 16569-16572 2005. In 2016 with Paula Faria he launched the ´CDRSP Knowledge Series´ of books to provide dissemination of CDRSP activities to industrialists.

Geoffrey Mitchell is a member of the Editorial Board of “High Performance Polymers”( ISSN: 09540083); “International Journal of Polymer Science” ISSN: 1687-9422 (Print); “International Journal of Physical Science Science” ISSN: 1992-1950; “Current research in biopolymers”; I am editor-in-chief  ‘Advances in Chemical and Biological Engineering’. I am also a review and adjudicate for many high profile international journals including Nature, Macromolecules, Polymer, Polymer Testing, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering etc

Geoffrey is a regular reviewer of for international and national funding agencies, including Poland (National Science Centre), Portugal (FCT), EU, MERANET, Australia, Singapore, UK(EPSRC) and in 2017 served as Chair of the Materials Panel for EPSRC (UK). 


He is involved in a broad range of research projects in materials, 3D/4D printing, in Additive Manufacturing, in neutron scattering and time-resolved x-ray scattering at Synchrotron Facilities as a PI (4) and Reserch Member (8).

Geoffrey Mitchell is Co-chair of the International Conference on Advanced Research in Sustainable and Intelligent Manufacturing (RESIM), International Conference on Direct Digital Manufacturing and Polymers (ICDDMAP) and International Conference Series on Electrospinning

His research interests are focused on materials, especially molecular materials,  smart and functional materials, the use of neutron and x-raay scattering coupled to computational modelling, new technologies for additive manufacturing including 3D/4D printing, programmable moulds, biopolymers and sustainability, mitigating climate change , Biomedical Engineering, Manufacturing/Bio-Manufacturing, and Tissue Engineering.

Recent Publications

  • Finizia Auriemma; Claudio De Rosa; Rocco Di Girolamo, Anna Malafronte; Miriam Scoti ; Geoffrey R Mitchell; Simona Esposito “Deformation of Stereoirregular Isotactic Polypropylene across Length Scales. Influence of Temperature” Macromolecules 50 2856-2870 2017 IF= 5.835
  • HG Premakshi, MY Kariduraganavar, GR Mitchell Development of composite anion-exchange membranes using poly (vinyl alcohol) and silica precursor for pervaporation separation of water–isopropanol mixtures 2016 RSC Advances 6 (14), 11802-11814 IF=3.84
  • G.R.Mitchell and Ana Tojeira editors “Controlling Controlling the Morphology of Polymers: Multiple Scales of Structure and Processing." Springer 2016 ISBN 978-3-319-39320-9
  • D. Duraccio, Amalia Mauriello, Sossio Cimmino , Clara Silvestre, Finizia Auriemma, Claudio De Rosa, Beniamino Pirozzi, Geoffrey Robert Mitchell . “Structure-property relationships in polyethylene based films obtained by blow molding as model system of industrial relevance” European Polymer Journal 2015 62 97-107 IF=3.531
  • G.R.Mitchell editor “Electrospinning: principles, practice and possibilities” Royal Society of Chemistry 2015 ISBN 978-1-84973-556


  • UC4EP Understanding Crystallisation for enhanced properties Funded by FCT 2016 Principal Investigator
  • Beam time and Collaborative PhD at the synchrotron facility in ALBA in Barcelona 2012-2018 Role: Principal Investigator at CDRSP-IPLeiria.
  • Beam time and Collaborative Programme at STFC ISIS Neutron scattering facility Didcot UK Role: Principal Investigator at CDRSP-IPLeiria
  • Green Thermosets a bilateral programme between Portugal and Algeria, Funded by FCT Role: Principal Investigator at CDRSP-IPLeiria
  • FCT: Título do projeto: Multi-material laser sintering to produce structures with gradient properties (EXCL/SEM- TEC/0460/2012), no âmbito de financiamento da Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia. Parceiros: Universidade do Minho (PT), Universidade de Lisboa e Centro para o Desenvolvimento Rápido e Sustentado de Produto do IPL. // Título do projeto: Multimaterial microstereo-termo-litografia (microSTLG). Parceiros: Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Universidade do Minho. Entidade Financiadora: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (PTDC/EME-PME/098037/2008). Duração: 3 anos. Este projeto obteve a classificação de 95 pontos em 100 pontos possíveis tendo sido o melhor projeto do conjunto dos projetos apresentados no domínio da Engenharia Mecânica. // Título do projeto: RapidPRE – Prototipagem rápida com extrusão reativa: um novo conceito para a fabricação rápida. Parceiros: Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Universidade de Aveiro.