Seminários 2016

Seminários 2016 Seminários 2016


The Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product Development (CDRSP) of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria intend to hire, in a short time, 15 to 25 new collaborators within scientific grants. These grants are available for people with a degree and Master degree or PhD Degree on Mechanical Engineering and related areas; Material Engineering and related areas; Physics Engineering and related areas; Chemical Engineering and related areas; Biomechanics, Biotechnology and related areas; Electronic Engineering and related areas; Computed Engineering and related areas, Product Design and related areas, Mathematics and related areas, Civil Engineering and related areas and Aeronautics Engineering and related areas.


Send an email with your CV to our human resources department through the e-mail:




Two positions available on the Project Stimuli2BioScaffold – Stimuli optimization for BioScaffolds: from numerical modelling to in vitro tests funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).


Two opportunities (start September 2018) to join a rapidly developing area of biomedical research with an active and well resourced team in the Computational and Mathematics Methods Group which is based in the Central Region of Portugal very close to the sea. We are the principal investigators of this exciting project “Stimuli2BioScaffold – Stimuli optimization for BioScaffolds: from numerical modelling to in vitro tests”. The project is based at The Centre for Rapid and Product Development (CDRSP) which is leading a national initiative in Additive Manufacturing especially in the field of scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. There are 70 researchers involved in this activity and they attract at €12M funding per year . A great opportunity to join an internationally productive team and make a difference. The two opportunities are fully funded by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation with additional support from IPLeiria. We are looking for an adaptable and motivated PhD student with a master in biomedical engineering and related areas and we will provide a three year grant. We are also looking for a PhD holder in electronic engineering or biophysics and related areas and we will provide a three year contract. We particularly welcome applications with researchers with experience in programming and with the finite element method. The language of the Centre is English.

The project is focused on removing one of the bottlenecks in regenerative medicine. Patients cells are implanted in a scaffold and a bioreactor is used to provide accelerated cell proliferation and differentiation to produce tissue before the scaffold plus the tissue are implanted in to the patient, in this work to regenerate cartilage or bone tissue. Currently the bioreactor step is slow which severely limits the wide-spread use of this therapy within our ageing society. Stimuli2BioScaffold will focus on making a difference by accelerating this step by developing and optimising the stimulation of the cells seeded in the scaffold using mechanical, electrical and magnetic stimulation. The Stimuli2BioScaffolds Team will contribute to this research area by i) developing a new finite element-based framework (FEMf) that allows the optimization of stimulation parameters (mechanical, electrical and magnetic) of in vitro culture seeded on bioscaffolds, placed at a bioreactor, for later implantation, ii) designing and assembling a new bioreactor and iii) validating the FEMf and the bioreactor using in vitro studies. PhDr and PhD student will be key members of the team which delivers this work which will also involve the Computational and Mathematical Methods and Biofabrication Group at CDRSP.


Principal Investigator (PI) of the project: Paula Pascoal-Faria | CDRSP | ESTG-IPLeiria.

Co-Principal Investigator (co-PI) of the project: Frederico Ferreira | IBB| IST.


PhD student + Hired (PhDr) in Mathematics/Physics or Engineering, experience in programming and with the finite element method for 3 years. Expected starting date: September 2018.


Send an email with the CV to: paula.faria@ipleiria.pt